About Me

Hi Im Bella

Welcome to earthly delight!

I am a homesteading mum and I  have a passion for permaculture design and creating crafty DIY projects around my home.

Join me as I transform a sleepy bush block into a thriving & beautiful home permaculture garden which is going feed people, plants, insects & livestock and create organic soil in the process!

After 15 years of practicing permaculture I  am still learning all the time. I’m starting  a brand  new garden growing organic fruit and veggies, and producing my own poultry, fish & eggs…. and I want you to come along for the ride. Do you have a black thumb? Well so did I … till I  learned the art of permaculture… how to put things in the right place at the right time place and let mother nature do all the growing for me and that is what I want to teach you.

I will show you just how to grow plants to feed family and friends; to feed your own livestock. I’ll show you how to grow your own culinary herbs and spices to create amazing flavours for your dishes and even how to grow medicinal herbs so  can learn about using plants as medicine.

Back in 2002 I graduated with a social ecology degree from University of Western Sydney. I  went on study permaculture and in 2006 I received my PDC while pregnant with my first daughter under the supervision of permaculture designers Penny Pyett And Darren Doherty at the unfinished site of what is now known as Bandusia Country Retreat… the home of the Permaculture Sydney Institute.

I went on to design & operate my own market garden from home, worked as a vet nurse while studying animal husbandry and  spent years experimenting with different livestock and aquaponic systems. I love being a work from home mum  with my now three daughters. I also love to build & tinker in the workshop. These are the things that fill me with earthly delight. I hope this blog will give you lots of inspiration and ideas for your own home garden so that every day you are filled with earthly delight too.

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See you in the garden!


Cheers from Bella